You might have many reasons to get your ear wax cleaned out, your hygiene maintenance maybe one of them. However, do you really know what the advantages and disadvantages of earwax cleansing are? If you don’t then I recommend you familiarise yourself with the advantages of earwax and the benefits and risks of ear wax removal. In this Manchester pharmacy blog, you will be informed of everything you need to know about removing ear wax. Along with risks that could happen if you do.

To start with what is your earwax made up of? Well, your cerumen, or generally known as the earwax is a tacky substance that sits above your eardrum. Ear wax is made of dead skin cells from inside the canal. The skin inside the ear canal renews itself, and the dead cells overtime clog to form solid earwax. It’s recommended not to remove this on your own as it can lead to many issues.

Overtime if you ignore the symptoms of earwax build-up like earaches, partial hearing loss, itchiness or even ringing in the ear can lead to several problems with your ear, this is why ear wax removal is important.

The excess of ear wax can lead to many auditory issues such as impartial hearing loss, discharge of waxy liquid, and dry wax could end up clogging the auditory canal. This can cause extreme pain. Other issues related to excessive ear wax are discharge of fluid from the canal, ear infections. Worst case scenario you could experience permanent acute rhinitis.

Ear wax is the only barricade between the eardrum and outside particles, including airborne insects and organisms. Sometimes foreign particles like dirt or insects can get into the ear. Without the protective layer of earwax inside the ear these particles can get inside your ear and overtime become infectious.

Are there benefit’s to ear wax removal ?

Most times, the ear cleans itself and you don’t have to opt for different methods that many may even cause damage to your ear canal or eardrum. Cotton swabs and pointed objects aren’t always required to remove the ear wax as it flows to the outside naturally. Some people produce more ear wax than others, however using cotton swabs will end up damaging your eardrum.

Excessive earwax can lead to permanent or temporary deafness however not all hearing loss is caused due to ear wax. Ear irrigation method can be risky if you already have a damaged eardrum. The slight pressure during ear wax removal through irrigation can elevate the risk of a perforated eardrum.

Overall, there are both advantages and disadvantages of ear wax removal. While there are risks involved in an ear wax removal procedure, you must make sure your eardrum or canal is not already damaged. In this case, its best to consult your GP first. At Manchester pharmacy we encourage that if you still wish to remove your ear wax go through your GP first to prevent any damages to your eardrum.

For more information about ear wax and removing it for either hygiene reasons or health reasons, get in touch with us for more advice. Our trained professionals can assist you with arranging an ear wax removal.

If you wish to read more about ear wax and the problems it can cause here is some additional information.

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