Manchester pharmacy can provide advice for minor illnesses or more.

Pharmacists are expert in medicines who can help you with minor illnesses. As qualified healthcare professionals, they can offer clinical advice and over the counter medicines for a range of minor illnesses. They range from coughs, colds, sore throats, stomach aches and pains. These qualified professionals also work with other healthcare professionals, such as doctors and nurses occasionally. Either way you will get the best possible care in a way that works for you and the NHS. At your local pharmacy they will inform you if you need to visit a doctor. However, they can help you with a number of things first.

You’re able to visit your pharmacist instead of your GP about how best to keep you and your family well. They are able to provide you with all sorts of advice for minor illnesses. As well as how to eat healthily, quit smoking, lose weight, and what type of exercise you could be doing.

If you have been recently discharged from hospital, how can Manchester pharmacy help you?

If you have been prescribed medication while in hospital, they can refer you to a pharmacy for extra help and guidance. The pharmacy will check any changes in the quantity, dosage of your medication, as well as compare and review any new medicine with anything you were prescribed before you were in hospital.

At Manchester pharmacy whether you need help to ease chronic pain or to mange the symptoms of asthma, we can help. As well as getting tailored advice when you need it for minor illness for instance. Our pharmacy team can give you access to our range of healthcare services. Whether it’s for minor illnesses or other NHS services such as smoking cessation, blood pressure tests, weight management and flu and covid vaccination. We also have an online booking system which you can use to book services.

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