There are several reasons behind delaying a period. It can be either your best friend’s wedding or that vacation you have been planning for a long time. However, you realise very quickly that the specific date collides with your period. Many people in this situation will have the idea to delay their period, but how does one go about that?

Delaying your period is as normal as having them. With professional guidance, it is completely safe to delay or skip your period. In addition to delaying your period, there can be several side effects when taking period-delaying pills.

For many years, doctors have been able to prescribe a course of hormone tablets to delay a cycle. The tablets contain an artificial hormone, similar to the body’s progesterone, which helps to set back the end of a natural cycle, therefore delaying a period. Period delaying tablets were designed to be used by women who are not already taking birth control pills.

How do period delay tablets work?

The tablets contain norethisterone, an artificial version of progesterone. These work by keeping the progesterone levels in the body artificially higher for a period of time. This will delay the timing of your upcoming clycle but only for a short period. There is a limit to how long the thickened womb lining can be maintained, usually it’s only possible to delay your period using these tablets for about two weeks after it was due. Period delay tablets are taken as one tablet three times a day. For the tablets to work you need to start taking them three days before your period is due to start. They’ll delay your period for three days after you take the last tablet.

While the tablets may temporarily delay your period, it is not a contraceptive method and cannot be used to prevent pregnancy. Women who don’t use contraception or use non-hormonal contraception (like copper IUD) will need to be cautious to prevent pregnancy while using period delay tablets if they don’t want to become pregnant.

Are there side effects?

While most GP’s as well as pharmacists will advise that these tablets are perfectly safe to use occasionally, however, they shouldn’t be used on a regular basis. If periods are causing problems for your physical or mental health then investigating alternative options with a health professional that are appropriate for you would be more beneficial. Other than taking advantage on period delaying tablet that could cause long-term affects if used inappropriately.

Very rarely do these tablets may cause a severe allergic reaction which can be life-threating in some cases. You can experience some of the following symptom’s:

  • Wheezing
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Feeling faint
  • Swelling of the face or tongue
  • Swelling on the hands or feet
  • Intense skin rash

If you believe you are experiencing any of these reactions with these tablets then seek medical help immediately.

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