Private GP appointments are becoming very popular at the moment. The percentage of people using private healthcare is increasing each year. Whilst the NHS are under a huge amount of pressure due to having strained resources, it’s probably a better option for people to switch to private healthcare. In addition, treatment time will be a lot quicker. The private sector has access to a much wider range of resources than compared to the NHS. Due to the increasing demands on the NHS, they are unable to have the time to focus on their patients.

The main difference between the NHS sector and private GP’s is the NHS health services are free, whereas private GPs are an independent sector which require one off payments for every appointment you have.

Private GP appointment at Manchester Pharmacy

At Manchester Pharmacy we understand that it can be difficult to see your GP outside surgery hours, or that occasionally you may need more time to discuss your concerns. Our private GP service aims to provide you with exceptional and convenient ways to look after your health. Our highly qualified general practitioners can provide services if you are unable to see your regular GP, would like more time to discuss your health concerns or in need of a second opinion.

Private GP appointments can be as soon as the same or the next day. That means there’s no anxious wait to see a doctor. It can be a short 15-minute appointment or if needed a 30 minute one. This will allow you more time for a more in-depth consultation. This will enable you to go through what’s worrying you and find out why you’re feeling unwell.

During your appointment, you can use the time to talk to the GP about whatever is on your mind. This can include any mental or physical health symptoms you’ve been having. At Manchester pharmacy, our private GP appointments may suggest a range of next steps. This could include a private prescription or a referral to a specialist. This will all be discussed within your appointment.

You can visit your private GP for regular ailments as you would through the NHS. However, if your issue is more complicated you could be facing a long wait as you’re added to the queue with everyone else. At Manchester Pharmacy we can help you with a whole range of problems, but are also are willing to provide additional services on a case by case basis or recommend the best course of action for you.

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