Ear piercing

At Manchester pharmacy we now provide an ear-piercing service for our customers. Our client’s health is our top priority. We pride ourselves on ensuring that all staff carrying out the ear piercings have been full trained. Also that they are tested on their knowledge and practical piercing skills. For our customers knowledge, we are only providing lobe piercings.

All piercings require a high standard of hygiene for the entire piercing process, especially within the first 3 weeks of the piercing taking place. Our piercing staff are all trained in infection control such as:

  • Cleaning all surfaces before and after every ear piercing
  • Fully sanitize your ear where the piercing is going to take place
  • Sanitizing hands before wearing clean, disposable gloves
  • Earrings are pre-sterilised and loaded for piercing with no contact, meeting safety and hygiene

The procedure 

For each of our piercings our member of staff with wear single-use medical grade disposable gloves. We use specially designed earrings which are safely packaged in pre-sterilised, single use cartridges. The pre-sterilised cartridge are loaded into a stud gun instrument without ever being touched. This is to avoid cross contamination. After the piercing procedure, we will talk you through the after care. We will demonstrate how to care for your new piercing in the most effective and hygienic way.

Ear piercing after care

After your have your piercing done, taking care of it is very important, this is to avoid any infections. Always try and keep your piercing free from soap, perfume and hair products. Rinsing your ears with clear water after using shampoo, then cleanse with after care lotion to keep ears clean and earrings looking brand new. Always take extra care when brushing hair, exercising, wearing headphones or anything that might cause discomfort to your new piercing.

It’s very important to avoid pushing the back of the piercing on too tight as this can cause your ear to swell whilst healing. This could lead to the piercing becoming painful and uncomfortable and possibly infected. The secure end of the piercing should be on the tip of the piercing itself which provides your ear with room to heal as well as easy for you to clean.

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