Men’s health

Through their 20s and 30s, men are in their physical prime, they become mature and stop engaging in risky behaviours. Men are more likely than women to abuse alcohol, smoke and die of accidental deaths. At Manchester pharmacy, when it comes to men’s health we can help them with their addiction’s by referring them to support groups to help them as much as possible.

During their 40s and 50s, men’s bodies produce testosterone at declining rates. They begin to lose muscle mass and become more prone to weight gain. Their risk for heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes increases. On average men develop heart disease around 10 years earlier than women. Around 1 in 4 male deaths are caused by heart disease.

Men’s bodies never completely stop producing testosterone however, testosterone production may decrease with age. When men reach their 60s and 70s, they begin to experience hair loss and enlarging prostates. As men age, they become less active and need fewer calories. Their bodies don’t absorb nutrients at the same rate as they age. It’s important they pay attention to what foods they are consuming.


Some men struggle to look after their mental and physical health, which may cause them to skip check-ups and screenings that can ensure they live long, healthy lives. Men who don’t take their mental health and physical health seriously may develop serious health issues over time. At Manchester pharmacy we take men’s health seriously, if you feel that you need to speak to someone about some issues you may be having, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

Men are more than likely to use potentially harmful coping methods such as drugs or alcohol. Men are less likely to talk to family or friends about their mental health. Mental health in particular appears to be a difficult conversation for men to discuss with themselves and others. Suicide is one of the biggest killer of men under 45, men need to feel included and reassured that their mental health matters in todays society.  For many years men’s mental health has been overlooked and not taken seriously by society. At Manchester pharmacy we want to help men who are struggling with their health. We will provide advice regarding how to improve their health as much as possible.

Our clinicians are on hand to provide expert men’s health advice and treatment for men experiencing common health conditions.

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