Ozempic weight loss drug
What is a weight loss management service?

For many people, there can be some confusion about what it means to manage their weight, what a healthy weight is, and what steps they should take to ensure they are putting their health and well-being first. At Manchester Pharmacy the term weight management is generally used to refer to the process of adopting long-term changes to your lifestyle. In order to maintain a healthy body weight. These lifestyle changes can include eating healthier, maintaining a balanced diet and increasing your physical activity levels. As well as challenging your mindset around using food as a reward, treat or a way to manage your stress.

Part of our weight management service is figuring out what a healthy weight is for you. This can give you an idea of what kinds of changes you need to make, and whether you may need to lose or gain weight to fall within what is considered a healthy range for your height, age and sex.

What are the health risks?

It’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid health risks such as being overweight or obese. Obesity has been one of the fastest-growing health concerns in the UK. Obesity comes with a number of potential health risks, including a higher chance of developing type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, certain types of cancer or possibly a stroke.

As much as obesity poses its fair share of health risks, the same goes for being underweight. Those who are underweight can suffer from irregular periods, fertility issues, malnutrition and decreased muscle strength. Both being underweight and overweight can affect your overall health and well being. At Manchester pharmacy our weight management service can provide you with helpful advice. The key to maintaining a healthy weight is making it an integral part of your daily routine.

Can Ozempic be used for weight loss/Management?

At Manchester pharmacy we now offer Ozempic to people who are suitable to use it. Before you are able to obtain this drug you must have a face to face consultation with one of our consultants as well as a check on your medical history. This is to ensure your safe to use our Ozempic drug.

Ozempic can be used as an effective weight loss drug as it slows down how fast the food you eat travels through your digestive tract. This will make it feel as though your stomach is fuller for a longer period of time and will reduce how much food you consume. Your digestive system will break down your food into sugars, it powers the cells in your body more smoothly and slowly. Ozempic will improve your blood glucose control and likely also reduce the chances of developing diabetes.

What are the risks when using Ozempic?

With most drugs, there are side effects you can experience when you begin using the drug. For instance, using Ozempic has side effects such as nausea, constipation, diarrhoea, vomiting and abdominal pain. Additionally, there are possible risks such as Thyroid tumours and cancers for some patients which is why it is necessary to have a detailed medical assessment before using this drug.

For more information regarding this service, get in touch with us today.

Ozempic weight loss drug

New Weight Loss Injections!





Manchester Pharmacy is pleased to announce that we now offer new weight loss injections: Wegovy FlexTouch and Mounjaro. These innovative treatments are designed to help individuals manage their weight effectively. Wegovy FlexTouch is a once-weekly injection that mimics a hormone involved in regulating appetite and food intake. Mounjaro, also administered weekly, helps control blood sugar and supports weight loss in those with type 2 diabetes. Both treatments are now available at our pharmacy, providing new options for those seeking to achieve their weight loss goals. Visit us to learn more about these solutions and how they can benefit you.

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