We offer the best possible advice and treatment available to us. You can depend on our treatment options provided by trained clinicians.

If you have been struggling with pain longer than 12 weeks, Manchester pharmacy have trained professionals to assist you with your pain management. Long-term pain has many causes, such as arthritis, back problems, and old injury or nerve damage.

Our trained health professionals may discuss your pain in all its forms. They will do this by carrying out a physical examination, discuss your pain history, record your level of pain and try to identify. This will help them identify where your pain is coming from.

Our health professionals may suggest trying some painkillers for a short-term pain relief. Painkillers are generally not considered a primary way to manage long-term pain.

If appropriate our professionals will suggest ways for you to stay active, which can help ease pain and improve your general well-being.

When it comes to Pain management at Manchester pharmacy we will help you relieve your pain as much as we are able. We will also offer advice on how to better manage your pain on a day-to-day basis, such as using self-help techniques.

we have provided a link for you which discusses a variety of yoga techniques you can use to help you with chronic pain. Exercise can be highly beneficial in recovering or coping with your pain. 

Our pain management service covers a range of conditions. For more information be sure to give us a call.

Our highly-trained clinicians are here to help you to manage your chronic pain. They will provide support for those who have experienced an injury for any reason. Our team will assess your condition through a series of questions relating. They might ask about your daily activities, work, general well being as well as medical history. A physical examination may be carried out if a clinician feels it is vital to assess your condition further.

Get in touch with Manchester Pharmacy to see how we can help you manage your pain.

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