Period Pain

Period pain is common and a normal part of your menstrual cycle. Most women get it at some point in there lives. Its usually felt as painful muscle cramps in the tummy, which can spread to the back and thighs. Sometimes the pain comes in intense spasms, while at other times it can be less painful but more constant. This will always vary as each period comes along. Some periods will cause little to no discomfort however some will be extremely painful. Sometimes you may get pelvic pain even when you don’t have your period, this can sometimes be an early warming that your period is soon due on. At Manchester pharmacy we can provide you with pain relief tablets for your period.

Period pain occurs when the muscular wall of the womb tightens (contracts). Mild contractions continually occur in your womb however women can’t feel them sometimes as it’s not painful. During your period, the wall of the womb starts to contract more vigorously to help the womb lining shed as part of your period. When the wall of the womb contracts, it compresses the blood vessels lining your womb. This temporarily cuts off the blood supply along with the oxygen supply to your womb. Therefore, without oxygen, the tissues in your womb release chemicals that trigger the pain women feel when having their period. Period pain with start when your bleeding begins, although some women have pain several days before the start of their period. The pains occasionally last up to 48-72 hours. Although I can last longer. Its usually worse when your bleeding is the heaviest.

Period pain linked to underlying medical condition’s

It’s very rare however,  period pain can be caused by an underlying medical condition. Period pain linked to an underlying medical condition tends to affect older women. Women aged 30 to 45 are more so affected. Medical conditions such as endometriosis, where cells that normally line to womb grow in other places, such as in the fallopian tubes and ovaries, can cause intense pain when they shed.

Period pains can also be caused by contraceptive devices such as an IUD. These are placed inside of the womb, first few months after its inserted they can cause period pain. You may notice a change in your normal pattern of pain if your period pain is linked to a medical condition or contraceptive IUD. For instance, the pain may be more severe or last longer than usual.

Period pain that does not have an underlying cause tends to improve as a woman gets older. Many women also notice an improvement after they’ve had children.

At Manchester Pharmacy, we can provide period pain relief service where our clinicians will be able to offer you the most suitable treatment. Get in touch with us today.

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