Throat infection

When you have a throat infection there is usually no reason to worry about it. They usually go away on their own within a week.

Not only are throat infections painful, but they also are one of the top reasons for doctor visits and sick days. A throat infection means that your throat hurts. It feels irritated or scratchy. You may feel a mild discomfort or a burning pain. A throat infection may feel worse when you swallow. Possible complications from a throat infection can include ear and sinus infections. Another complication is a build-up of fluid near your tonsils. Most throat infections are viruses which are caused by colds, Some of the more serious causes of a throat infection can include tonsillitis, strep and mononucleosis (mono). Other causes include smoking, pollution or allergies to pets or pollens. A throat infection can be treated by medication which you can receive at Manchester pharmacy.


A throat infection means that your throat hurts and is irritated, swollen or scratchy, therefore it hurts worse when you swallow. Depending on the cause of your throat infection, symptoms include:

  • fever
  • headache
  • white spots on your throat or tonsils
  • swollen glands in your neck

In some cases, additional symptoms can include abdominal pain (in children), vomiting and joint and muscle pain. At Manchester pharmacy we will have the right medication to treat your throat infection and its symptoms.

Diagnosing a throat infection

When it comes to diagnosing a throat infection, your GP will do a physical exam. They will look at the back of your throat. Medical experts call this a throat culture, it involves collecting a sample of bacteria. This is a quick test to diagnose strep throat. The test will only inform if you have strep. The results of a throat culture can take between 24 and 48 hours. If your doctor thinks you may have mono, they will probably do a blood test.

The best way to avoid a throat infection is to avoid getting sick. Avoid catching or spreading the viruses and bacteria that cause a throat infection. Wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your eyes or mouth. Also cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing.

If your throat infection is a result of the flu, your GP may prescribe antiviral medicine, you can retrieve this from Manchester pharmacy. Antibiotics don’t work on viruses. Most throat infections caused by a flu-type virus go away in about a week. However, if your throat infection is caused by bacteria, your GP will prescribe an antibiotic. You will feel better in a few days.

You are able to retrieve your medication for your throat infection from Manchester pharmacy, get in touch with us for more details.


If you have any of the following call 999:


  • drooling
  • difficulty breathing or swallowing
  • stridor (making a high-pitched sound when you breathe)
  • your symptoms are getting worse or are sever

Alternatively, we at Manchester Pharmacy and Health Clinic can see you for a private booking.

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