As the coronavirus took the world by storm, with unpredictability and an acceleration in the number of deaths around the globe, Manchester Pharmacy were the first across the UK to create medical response packages for the elderly and high risk.

We teamed up with a local charity, Human Relief Foundation, to get the word out for our free community initiative to ensure those most vulnerable had that extra support to aid them during this deadly pandemic.

Our packages included: a face mask, a hand sanitizer, one tub of multivitamins and minerals, and a tub of vitamin D. This was to ensure the high-risk groups were appropriately equipped as they had to self-isolate during lockdown and also had a daily intake of vitamins, with research supporting a positive correlation to boosting the immune system to help fight the disease.

To our surprise, we received calls from Glasgow, Birmingham, London, and Wales. The situation was that dire that people with high risk family members were desperately in search for whatever they could find.

Our community efforts were published in the following article:

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