How can the cold weather affect your health this season?

Within recent weeks the UK has experienced a drop in the cold weather. Temperatures have dropped recently which has made it very cold for people to go about their everyday lives. There are thousands of death every year from conditions linked to the cold weather.

How does the cold affect our health? Regardless of the weather outside or inside our homes, our bodies always try to keep our internal organs warm. In order for our bodies to function correctly, they must be kept at a temperature of 37◦C. When our bodies temperature begins to drop below this this our blood starts to become thicker which can cause clotting. It has been found that clotting is a common cause of heart attacks and strokes following the cold weather.

The cold can also affect our body’s ability to fight off infections. Majority of people within the UK only really suffer the effects of a runny nose and a sore throat. However, the cold weather can also cause infections such as pneumonia, as lung conditions and coughs can worsen. This is when our health is at risk.

Sometimes it’s more than just hypothermia that makes the cold so dangerous, it’s how the cold affects our internal organs, especially within the elderly.

What can we do to stay well and warm this season?

There are lots of things we can do to stay well and warm this winter. One of the main tips to stay warm is to heat your home, or the parts of it you’re using. Blankets and warm clothing can also be used to warm yourself up.

Moving around can also help as this keeps the blood moving around the body, when you’re moving or exercising your blood starts to pump quicker, in a way you are generating your own heat. Sitting for prolonged periods of time will cause you to get colder faster. It may not sound like much however these small movements can help to keep you warm.

Millions of pounds are handed out by the government to people who need support with keeping their home warm. However, there is still more which goes unclaimed. Remember that you don’t necessarily have to be on other benefits to be eligible for these funds, if you are struggling to pay your heating bills, you may be entitled to help.

This link can provide you with information regarding financial support to help you and your family stay warm this winter. 

If you believe your health is at risk due to the cold weather this season, get in touch with us today.

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