Ear Microsuction

Hearing loss is overtaking diabetes and other diseases and will be UKs top 10 disease burdens by the year 2030. There are over a billion people in the world suffering from hearing loss.

The demand for ear and hearing loss services will grow higher due to all the modern technologies where we are exposed to louder music and the misuse of ear products such as cotton buds.

Hearing loss can affect the way we live and will also link to porter quality of life and social isolation and increased falls. Hearing loss can also contribute to the risk of dementia.

Microsuction is one of the safest methods to clean the ears. It is quick and painless and only requires like 10 to 20 minutes in total. About 25% of our population have a moderate to severe ear wax issue which requires intervention.

As hearing loss is growing, treatments such as irrigation are no longer free of costs. On average people have to wait about 12-16 weeks to get wax removal services on the NHS.

At Manchester Pharmacy and Health Clinic we offer a quick Ear Microsuction procedure which you can book bel

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